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An Insidious Loss of Health

An insidious loss of health

When people experience a sudden change of health status they look for immediate culprits to blame, treat or eliminate.

I was fine yesterday, but today I am not fine, so something must have occurred over this short period of time that is responsible for my ailing health.

Unfortunately this is rarely the case because symptoms are closer to the end stage of illness than the beginning. In fact you may have significant problems such as disease or degeneration prior to overt symptoms.

In working with people for over 20 years for health related issues I find that people overwhelmingly disregard and discount that truth because it is in-congruent with their ideas.

What they fail to realize is the insidious loss of health and vitality, such as: always being tired, not having energy, feeling unwell or sick too frequently, getting infections readily, having chronic aches or pains, having gastrointestinal issues, headaches, or just not feeling themselves for long periods of time are all warning signs of health problems or dis-ease.

In 2004 I went through a spell where I was continually getting sick. It seemed like every bug coming down the pike was landing on me. I got the flu in back to back succession followed by a sinus infection. This for me is practically unheard of, normally I give zero attention to "what is going around" because I have always been immune to most things. This time was different.

I decided to visit a family doctor to get some blood-work done, and to my surprise my white blood cells were low.

In an seemingly unrelated episode, the crown came off my front tooth. There was a foul taste in my mouth. I got the tooth and headed over to a dentist I know who was willing to re-attach it so I could complete my workday.

This entire process started when I was 17 when I took an elbow to the face during gym class. The tooth broke high up, practically at the gum line. Several surgeries followed and I wound up with a root canal. 17 years later that crown broke off.

I sought out an oral surgeon about a week later. After some X-rays he said there was a lucency, (dark area) and it was likely infected.

Without hesitation I told him to remove the tooth. It slid out with little effort.There was a large sack of infected tissue attached to the top of the tooth. He cleaned out the empty socket and gave me a partial denture to cover up the gaping hole in the middle of my face.

Almost immediately my health changed, my vitality, energy, and general state of well being returned. I stopped getting sick, my white blood cell levels returned to normal, and in 14 days I gained 10lbs of muscle.

My PCP could not believe the weight change, but obviously my body had been locked in a battle with the infection in my mouth, so much so that my immune system was worn down and my metabolism was catabolic, meaning it was using my own tissue to fight the infection. How do you feel.. perfect, back to myself.

Had this tooth not broken off and the source of the sickness been discovered I would have likely been led on a voyage of medical discovery with a myriad of tests, diagnostics and a diagnosis of something not so good. The state I was in was the result of years of a chronic health condition brought on by infection.

This happens all the time, people are surprised that one day you can no longer tolerate a food, a medicine or an activity that you had previously been able too. Your body is like a river, ever changing and moving and adapting and seemingly small pebbles thrown into it alter its path in subtle ways. This can move you towards sickness or health.

We assume things are static, that taking medications will always be the same, that our diet can stay the same and that our health will remain the same. These are all faulty assumptions, in fact it is far wise to assume your body will change, because it will. My body continues to change, I can no longer eat certain foods that I ate for years and others that I didn't like I suddenly enjoy... asparagus.

We are now learning that much of what you call you, isnt even you. 92% of the cells in your body are not your cells, 99% of the DNA is not your DNA, you are for a better term of collective of human and microbiome that lives on your skin, your gut an in the air around you. It is always changing, and seemingly benign things like dietary changes have influence on the synergy between self and non self, and so can the thoughts you think, the toxins you consume and the traumas your body endures.

It gets even stranger, we now know the gut biome communicates with your brain through the vagus nerve, and perhaps some of the cravings you have are from your good or bad gut organisms.

Health can be mysterious, but to cut through the red tape a bit let me point out some things I see everyday that compromise health.

Drugs: Antibiotics, antihistamines, Nsaids and antacids are things that people take frequently. All of them affect the gut biome adversely, all compromise health to some degree.

Toxic foods such as: whole grains, improperly prepared beans, nightshades, and corn products are also problems for many people. Add on top the routine and ubiquitous use of pesticides and herbicides that destroy our gut terrain and you have the making of a health crisis.

Toxic seed oils: corn, peanut, canola, cottonseed, soybean oil

Aristotle said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." and if I could expand on that... sickness is a habit too.

If you are not feeling like you should perhaps its best to view your habits from a 30,000 foot view and lay them bare.

Habits and behaviors have consequences, these consequences can be good or bad.