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  • Aging is mandatory, Pain is optional
    Dear Friend,Too many people believe they need to live with pain. Each day patients come into the office resigned to taking Advil everyday for the chronic neck, back or shoulder Read more
  • The Six Types of Cervical Spines
    The Six Types of Cervical Spines.Part of my evaluation of my patients is an Xray Exam to determine why they have symptoms.If you have neck pain, headaches, or other head Read more
    Stop the Ibuprofen! It could be making your joints worse!Americans take drugs like Tylenol, Advil, Naprosyn and Aspirin everyday for relief of joint pain. These drugs called NSAIDS-( non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Read more
    Gibsonia Spine, Sport & Health48 mins · Did you ever have a feeling that something was going on in your body and although you are trying to do the right thing, your Read more
  • Rx for Life
    Are prescription drugs replacing healthy habits and nutritional problems. The human being a miraculous machine, it is capable of self regulation and self healing. Just like any living system in Read more