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  • Myths and Misconceptions
    Chiropractic Myths and MisconceptionsYou name it and I have heard it, from the classic, a chiropractor hurt my Aunt Sally, to you have to go to a chiropractor for the Read more
  • 7 secrets to eliminating back pain
    7 secrets to eliminating back painGet more mobile, we have become very sedentary as a population. In reviewing hundreds of patients MRI's both before and after surgery it is evident Read more
  • 10 Quick Tips to get better Sleep
    Your lack of sleep may be making you fat and killing you.Lack of sleep is epidemic in today's society. We are constantly giving up sleep to our detriment.Did you know Read more
  • Shoulder Trouble?
    Shoulder problems and solutionsThis article was inspired by my own stupidity. I promised that I was going to write an article about the shoulder, but first a confession. Most if Read more
  • Shoulder Part 2
    The shoulder part 2So in the first part of the article we talked about the shoulder and its anatomy. Now on to the clinical gems accumulated after treating shoulders for Read more