Low Back Pain

Lower Back Pain is one of the most common conditions seen in a doctors office. In fact lower back pain has been called a universal conditions since nearly everyone will experience an episode of lower back pain in their lifetime.

For some people, this is not a simple episodic condition, and can create so much pain and difficulty as to significantly interfere with a person's way of life.

Having lower back pain can make little things that we take for granted such as tying our shoes or getting in and out of the car a very trying and painful situation to navigate.

Patients are often searching for answers taking medications, or investing in fancy devices and gadgets to help.

Unfortunately, both medication and fancy gadgets do little if anything to correct the underlying cause of the condition. Most cases of lower back pain are mechanical, involving the joints in the spine and pelvis.

Long-term mechanical dysfunction can lead to bigger problems such as herniated discs or spinal stenosis.

In 20 years of treating patients with lower back pain I consider lower back pain to be a little problem when handled early, and a big problem when not handled at all.

Patients often have warning signs and episodes of lower back stiffness and discomfort before a debilitating episode comes. Acting swiftly and being evaluated by experts can prevent a crisis and keep the spine and pelvic joints working properly.

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