Sciatica is one of the most painful musculoskeletal conditions that a person can have. The pain the leg, hip, and buttock can be excruciating, and relentless.

Many people with this condition seek relief through a variety of means such as drugs, surgery, injections and physical therapy.

Our approach is first determine the cause of the pain and then develop a strategy to eliminate the pain at the source.

The greatest percentage a patients with sciatica have herniated discs, however spinal stenosis is also a culprit that can cause leg and buttock pain, especially when walking.

People with stenosis generally hurt more when they are standing and walking, and relief when sitting, although the herniated disc patient may feel better standing and weight bearing and worse when sitting.

This is do to the nature of the condition and the structure that is putting pressure on the nerve.

Stenosis is normally a bony encroachment on the nerve from a longstanding degenerative spinal condition, whereas a herniated disc is typically from the disc material itself pressing against the nerve.

Both conditions are painful and both have different treatment methods.

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