Disc Treatments

Our office has treated thousands of patients with both cervical and lumbar disc problems. 

The majority of the these patients return to their normal lives without restrictions or lasting complications.

Most people think a disc problems need surgery. This is not only incorrect it is grossly inaccurate.  In fact 95% of cervical disc problems do not require surgery. 

Lumbar discs overwhelmingly do not require surgery as well. 

Surgery on the spine can sometimes lead to ASD, adjacent segment disease, with the areas above and below the surgical area undergoing rapid degeneration and disc herniation. This makes avoiding the first surgery as priority one.

We have a number of the treatment modalities to help with disc herniation and injuries including targeted therapy, cold laser, and spinal decompression.

We are also one of the few doctors in the area to offer Cox Flexion distraction which is a hand guided disc treatment that is more specific and often more effective than machine based disc treatments.

This treatment method allows the spine to be placed in the optimal position prior to traction beginning in order to hone in on exactly where the disc is putting pressure on the nerve in order to relieve pain quickly and effectively.

If you have a disc problem come in and talk with us to see if we can help. Make sure to bring any MRI's or tests that you have had.

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