Hand and Foot Treatment


The hand and foot have 26 movable bones. These bones can misalign and cause joint or nerve problems.

In the case of the hand, carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when three of the middle wrist bones misalign and put pressure in the carpal tunnel. This tunnel contains 9 tendons and one nerve.

Three bones in the wrist move to narrow the space causing median nerve compression. This results in hand numbness, tingling or even pain and weakness. Our approach is to correct the bone misalignments and the soft tissue problems that are often associated with them.


72% of the population will have a foot problem that requires care at some point in their life. 

Plantar Fasciitis is a common foot malady that is extremely frustrating and resists conventional treatment because those treatments fail to address the mechanical dysfunction in the foot. 

The hindfoot, or heal called the calcaneous is often the problem as it sets the stage for the other bones in the foot to abnormally compensate. This can result in heel or arch pain. 

Our approach is to address the mechanical dysfunction no matter where it occurs and correct the function of the foot.

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